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21 Incredible Facts you don’t know about Woli Agba

woli agba comedy

Ayobami Ajewole kunle otherwise known as Woli Agba who is an Online Sensational Skit Maker, who acts as a Fictions Prophet in his Skit along with Dele and the Choir Members.

Woliagba originated the name “Woli Agba” right from his Former Christian Drama Group known as “Christ Chosen Vessel Dance Drama Ministry (Alfa Sule”). Woliagba Has been acting as a Prophet in most of Alfa Sule’s Production and since then “Woli Agba” has become a Household name for him.

Woliagba is a Multi-Talented Entertainer and also a Movie Director, Producer, Actor, Comedian, Compere, Song Writer, Musician, Script Writer, Philanthropist, and has also bagged Ambassadorial deals with a lot of brands in and outside of the country. Woliagba is the Director of IPM known as Instagram Parish Ministry, which is his online Ministry, Woliagba also owns IPM Academy, an Institute for those who desire to go into entertainment.

woli agba comedy


Woliagba was Born on the 20th of November 1982 in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State and he attended Baptist Secondary School, Okeado Ibadan, and Furthered his Education to the University level at the Lead City University, Ibadan where he graduated as a student of Economics.

Woliagba is a type that is funny naturally, he has this nature of being amidst people and they just start laughing. Woliagba was been told by his friends in Secondary school to go into acting, but as of then, he didn’t see a vision in acting and they would advise him to the extent of becoming a member of the Baba Suwe Drama Team. Most times, he finds himself mimicking his teachers both Male and Female and he never thought something could come out of it.


The idea of Acting came up and he shared the idea with his brother and they worked towards and they Created “Christ Chosen Vessel Dance Drama Ministry“.

Woli Agba Started his Acting Career right in 2002 with his Brother  Oluwafemi Ajewole where they started the Ministry “Christ Chosen Vessel Dance Drama Ministry (ALFA SULE)” and he started acting the role of the devil which he is very good at and that was where he started from. They produced Several Movie productions and they became in a Limelight when they did Take Heed, which was the movie that brought out  “That is to say, Otiganpa” which was loved by many as it includes morals and Comedy.

He acted in the role of Baba Soji and Woliagba in otiganpa and he did well as it was a bomb and he continues doing it and he did much better than the previous act of the role and that was where the journey of acting started and they Elected Woli Agba as the Ministry Manager.

woli agba comedy


Alfa Sule becomes so popular as they hosted so many concerts and were being invited to so many Churches for Ministration, It was thereafter woli agba started his Skit with Dele and few Alfa Sule Members and they were getting known online and their slogan is “IPM……PROGRESS”.
After Alfa Sule held their Previous concert and it was filled with many youths and by then Woli Agba has become known but the Painful part was that Femi Ajewole Called up a meeting with all Alfa Sule Members as he told all of them that he has dismissed Ayo Ajewole and Dele whose real name is Olamide Mayungbe because their Skits is in an Ungodly Way as they are not doing the things of God.

Ever since his dismiss from Alfa Sule, Fans has lost interest in them as Woli Agba seems to be the Favorite as he takes most of the lead role in their movies and full concentration has been given to IPM but Rumors has it that Femi Ajewole is being pained and Envying his younger brother over his Ministry and Ever since then Alfa Sule hasn’t hosted a Concert.

Femi Ajewole Didn’t dismiss the Other Choir members but whenever they have a Ministration, Femi Ajewole won’t include their Names in those Ministering and that was How IPM started Fully with God’s Grace and Consistency and they have Collaborated with Celebrities such as Jumoke Odetola, Chinko Ekun, Big Bolaji, Baba Adan, Odunlade Adekola, Femi Adebayo and lots more.


IPM started by the impact of Social Media as Ayo Ajewole doesn’t know about Instagram but he was tutored by his friends on how to use Instagram by liking peoples posts and posting and then he decided to come up with something new on Instagram so he had to study his environment by doing what other people have not done before and he looked at where he can really manage his strength very well and that was how he ventured to Acting as Woli Agba and that was where it all started and it was driving people’s attention all around which was giving people the reason to look at his page and laugh and which made people start calling themselves the member of Woliagba Church and he had to think on a name to call his Online Church and that was where “Instagram Parish Ministry” came up and people would respond with Progress and Boom…IPM came up.

Woliagba and Dele are not related in any way, they are both in Alfa Sule Dance Drama Group but Woli Agba likes Dele because he love to stick with him and he is a drummer as he knows the type of beat to play and make him dance and when IPM Started, Dele had to meet up with Woli Agba in joining IPM and he was giving a Role to play and he did excellently well and that was how Dele Omo Woli Agba Came up.

Woliagba has written so many movies in his Ministry which are, Uncle Johnson, The Slave, Iboju, 2 Million Naira, etc. Songs Written by Ayo Ajewole are Eni ola, Gbogbo Ogo, Lanu sategun, Iboju, Sope, Baba Ijo, Ifihan, Jesu Loluwa, Praise Medley.
IPM has been known Worldwide as they have fans all over the continent.


Woliagba revealed that he was inspired by a Pastor in one of the churches he attended while growing up with his parent. He Revealed that this pastor was a very strict one as he doesn’t take nonsense in his church, he said at times he would punch church members right there in his church saying

Ti n ba fi adura lu e ti oba work, ma da ese bo ori e” (in English) “If I pray for you and it didn’t work, then I would punch your head” he also said at times this pastor would send Members out of his church so that was how Woliagba started acting up in this character and he believes he can really do better.


Yes, Woliagba is a Prophet called by God. Apart from Comedy, Woliagba is a Prophet and doesn’t joke with Godly things, he lost his father while still in Alfa Sule and his father has handed over his ministry to him where he pastors, the church name is ” Lift up Christ Evangelical Ministry”.
woli agba comedy
Ever Since his father Dies, he has been committed to the Church, and Currently, he is planning to build a Bigger one.


Woliagba got Married to his Heart Desire, Barrister Olaife Ayo in the city of Ibadan which their wedding was attended by a lot of Celebrities and Special Dignitaries, and they were blessed with a lovely child, Mighty Ajewole.

Barrister Olaife is also an Inspirational Musician which Ayo Ajewole featured in Gbogbo Ogo Remix which was a Bomb.


Woliagba Revealed some Shocking testimonies on Instagram about his marriage as he said right from his courtship with princess olaife, her friends have advised her not to marry him because he was from a poor background and he is very ugly he said this on one of their wedding anniversaries and he said

“Hi Darling, it’s our wedding [email protected]_oaifeayo.
Years back, on this great day, I had tears of joy rolled down uncontrollably in my eyes. My handkerchief got soaked and she kept asking me as we are in front of the preacher, ‘honey, why are you crying this much?’ I was crying because I was happy looking at how crowded the church was and the love is shown by everyone that came to graced our big day.
That day, was my day of turning point. You came into my life and showed me how lucky and graced I am to have chosen to settle down with you in Holy Matrimony. My girlfriend that came to visit me when I was putting my bed on the floor agreed to marry me. She stood against all discouraging challenges from friends that wanted a fine and handsome guy for her.

She was the only one seeing what no one was seeing. She fought it. She was s strong. She was always standing by my window side as an angel that has refused to leave me until I get blessed. She worked on the ugly guy. Now, see what the guy has become today…HE IS NOW A HANDSOME PROPHET…
My Sweet baby, you are not just a figurehead in my life. As gifted as I may seem t be, your strength is not a plus but a Multiplication. May God bless us and keep us going together on this journey of forever. Shout out to a BARRISTER that married a PROPHET…lol

God bless our home and this New Year. God alone deserves all the glory. I am proud to be associated with Jesus. May God bless everyone around us. Glory and Honor be to God who makes all things beautiful and for HIS pleasure…


INSTAGRAM: @woliagba_ayoajewole
FACEBOOK: Official_IPM_Woliagba
YOUTUBE:  AyoAjewole Woliagba-YPM
Woli Agba Phone Number : +2348146294868

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