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“I almost aborted your pregnancy” – Broda Shaggi’s Mom tells him

Broda Shaggi oya hit me

Popular Nigeria Comedian and Comic actor, Samuel Animashaun Perry, professionally known as  Broda shaggi who Is known for his slang, Oya Hit Me, others refer to him as Broda shaggi Oya hit me.

Broda Shaggi took to his Instagram account to share a recent conversation between him and his mother.

Broda Shaggi oya hit me

Broda Shaggi uploaded a screenshot of what his mother said, his mother revealed that she had some shameful things while she was carrying his pregnancy and she thanked God she didn’t let that affect her to abort his pregnancy.

She wrote in the conversation,

You are forever favored by Almighty God and it is permanent. My heart, my life, you are good to me and God will be good to you throughout your life.
I’m glad whenever my heart picks your picture I thank God that I did not abort you or listen to the shameful talk I faced in life, I appreciate God.”

Indeed, Broda Shaggi is really Favoured!


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