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Comedian Seyi Law shares a Past Experience that happened in 2010 alongside his other Colleagues, Funnybone, Senator, Dan d Humurous, Osama Comedian, and Helen Paul. Seyilaw posted on his Social Media Handle saying
seyilaw comedian
“It was in the year 2010, two years after my trip to South Africa, I had increased the stamps and visas in my passport and many more trips. Then, it was the first time for deehumorous, senatorcomedian, osamacomedian, and funnyboneofficial . I had to join the guys in London from Ghana with itshelenpaul .
seyi law
It was one of my best trips ever. It was filled with laughter, adventures, tears, and joy. I remembered us staying at 32, Cherry Tree Court, Charlton Park, and a neighbor’s kid writing to threaten he would call the police on us for noise making. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I felt like ranikoing (giving a knock).
osama comedian

On this trip, osamacomedian never had money when we contributed to eat, but always had money to buy Primark clothes, baba o. Oh!  deehumorous the king of fish and chips. senatorcomedian , the man who tasted Stella Artois beer for the first time and got addicted. You can call him, The beer man from Bangladesh.
senator comediana

How about how I traveled to Coventry and returned with £4? senatorcomedian won’t stop making a joke out of it till date. Then,  funnyboneofficial woke us up with tears about his father’s death and how he would never get to wear the Primark shirts, he bought him.
funny bone comedy
The tears and his words, ha ha ha, dem say my papa don die o. Oh, him no go wear the shirt dem wey I buy for am.

We laughed together and cried together. We were our own strength and today, we are better and we tell our stories. Thanks to  juliusdgeniusagwu  for that trip and God Almighty for our testimonies.” 
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