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Triple J’s Hottest 100 features Abbie Chatfield, who promotes a pro-vaccine song.

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Triple J’s Hottest 100 features Abbie Chatfield, who promotes a pro-vaccine song.

Late last year, Abbie Chatfield released “I Know You Do Ketamine,” a pro-vaccine song.

The 26-year-old has high hopes for the catchy jingle, urging her fans to vote for it in the Triple J Hottest 100 this weekend.


On Sunday, the Bachelor star shared a video of herself performing the song on Instagram.


100 Warm Tunas, the most trusted source for countdown success, does not currently have the song listed.

‘The only song of 2021,’ wrote an ardent fan in an Instagram post that Abbie later shared.


Abbie and Candy Moore collaborated on the song in December.


It includes a remix of Abbie’s anti-vaxxer comments.


‘I don’t want to hear about it, I don’t want to hear your reasoning, I don’t care if you don’t want the vaccine,’ she sings.


‘I got the vaccine, and you need to stop telling me what you think because who the f**k are you to say,’ continued the song.


It comes after Abbie infuriated anti-vaxxers in September when she revealed details of an outfit she planned to wear once regional travel for the fully-vaccinated became available.


One anti-vaxx ‘freedom fighter’ called her “ignorant,” while others mocked her lime playsuit, which she planned to wear on vacation in Byron Bay once restrictions were lifted.


Abbie, on the other hand, had the last laugh, revealing that she’d finally gotten to wear the slinky green ensemble while sipping cocktails in the popular coastal town.


‘I made it,’ she captioned the video as she sat across the street from the popular Beach Hotel in Bryron Bay.


‘Iconic!’ one fan wrote, while another added, ‘You tell ’em sis.’


On January 22, Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown will air.

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